Dubai to Cape Town...........the journey of a lifetime.

A few stats on our adventure thus far:

- Kilometres Driven - 48,963km (Dubai - Cape Town)

- Favourite Place so Far - Tim & Kims (Ethiopia), Meru National Park (Kenya, it had a swimming pool), The Haven (Uganda), All Rwanda, Saadani Safari Lodge (Tanzania), Makuzi Beach Lodge (Malawi), Liuwa Plains (Zambia), Matopos (Zimbabwe), Chobe & Savuti (Botswana), Hartman's Valley (Namibia), West Coast (South Africa)

- Best Dish - Prawns at Saadani Safari Lodge

- Road Kill - Birds (11), Chicken (1), Goats (0), Sheep (0), Donkey (0), Cow (0), Horse (0), Camel (0)........

- No# Times Thumper Got Stuck or Needed Help - Front bearings disintegrating luckily just outside Rosh Pinar (Thanks Daisy Auto Repair - Rosh Pinar), 1x stuck in Puros Canyon down to axles and some heavy hi-lift jack work, 1x stuck in mud (too lazy to walk the route...drivers fault), 11x punctures, 2x rear shackles (Thanks to Icon Auto Dubai’s incompetence in fitting the shackles we now need new ones!!!), 2x cracked windscreen, 2x flat/dead batteries

- No# Times Thumper has Leant a Helping Hand - 1x Dutch Landcruiser stuck in riverbed, 1x Kenyan Landcruiser stuck in riverbed & another Kenyan Yaris stuck on the beach, 1x Egyptian bus flat battery, 1x Egyptian car flat tyre, 1x Dutch flat battery

- Favourite Beer by Country - Sakara (Egypt), St Georges (Ethiopia), Pilsner Ice (Kenya), Nile Special (Uganda), Mutzig (Rwanda), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Carlsberg (Malawi), Mosi (Zambia), Zambezi (Zimbabwe), Castle Lite (Botswana), Tafel (Nambia), Black Label (South Africa)

- Worst Road by Country - Debark to Axum (Ethiopia), Loyangalani to Marallal (Kenya), Kitgum to Kipedo NP (Uganda), Kibuye to Gisenyi (Rwanda), Zambian border to Katavi National Park (Tanzania), None in Malawi, Mongu to Liuwa Plains (Zambia), None in Zimbabwe, None in Botswana, Van Zyl's Pass (Namibia), None in South Africa

- Best to worst countries - Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, Sudan, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia

- Things Mike has broken - 2x Chairs, 1x Shower head, Gas bottle holder & gas bottle protector, Garmin.....

- Biggest Scam - Robbed in Windhoek and our friends robbed (thieves are targeting overlanders at malls, 2x Rastas sold us a bottle of local gin and tonic for 4x the price, Faranji (westerner) pricing, Ghonder, Ethiopia.

- Great Water Ways Visited - Blue and White Nile, Lake Tana, Lake Nasser, Lake Turkana, Lake Victoria, Source of White Nile, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Kivu, Lake Malawi, Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, Okavango River, Chobe River, Kunene River, Orange River

Our African Footprint
Our African Footprint
Our African Footprint
Our African Footprint
Our African Footprint

Koakoland – A 4×4’s best friend

  Wow! From the most spectacular waterfall (Epupa Falls) intrepid mountain passes (Van Zyl’s pass), through valleys (Marienfluss and Hartmans) with undergound rivers, up and around sand dunes, through river beds and inside huge canyons, Koakoland can capture the mind of everyone who is willing to to do this route through Northern Namibia. We met […]

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As I said we have seen some pretty darm impressive game in Africa thus far, but we knew we were at Etosha out of season and the game would be very spread out. We still saw A male Lion and two Lionesses digging into a Gemsbok right on the side of the road, Kudu, one […]

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There we were… back in Nam

Having left Botswana on such a high, it would certainly be hard for Etosha to try and beat it. However we always know that kind of attitude will always create disappointment. Having arrived in Namibia certainly feels very different in terms of Africa, with such a low population in Nam, you rarely find yourself surrounded […]

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Botswana Part 2

Moremi – Northgate After our holiday in Mozambique, we had to get our minds back in gear and get ready to hit the road again, first destination was North Gate. We knew we were taking a bit of a chance with this park as the rains have blessed Botswana well during the festive season but […]

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Botswana Part 1

Kalahari N.P. We were quite excited fir this one, and boy were we treated. We were in the park for all of three nights and our sightings included a big Kalahari male Lion with a thick black mane mating with two female Lionesses right on the road. They were there for two full days and […]

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Hwange N.P. Just before entering the park, we stumbled upon a herd of Sable and a great big herd of Buffalo that ran right across the road in front of our car. We started off on a great note, and were further treated to a male Lion, Ele (far away in the distance) and Kudu. […]

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