Southern Ethiopia – The Cultural Journey

Mursi Village

Lake Langano After a few days in the city we were very happy to leave and head for a few quiet places around the Lakes in the South. Lake Langano was just what we needed on our first stop. Marthe and Joris were staying there too and they greeted us with big smiles as they […]

Northern Ethiopia – Land of plenty, accompanied by shouts of “Faranji”

Tim & Kim’s First spot – Tim & Kim’s …… what is left to be said about this “little piece of heaven on earth” Tim and Kim are a Dutch couple who back-packed through Africa 17 years ago and when they arrived in goragora they were blown away by the beauty that surrounded them. 12 […]

Ethiopia – Eritrea Border……Potential Problems

5 Tourists have just been killed on the Ethiopian side of the Eritrian border. Now this is also not a complete surprise the border area is a complete mess. The entire border has been closed for a number of years since Eritrea declared its independence and in effect left Ethiopia land locked. Now it is a […]