Serengetti NP

Serengetti Overlanders are the bottom feeders of this high-rolling establishment! But we still got our fair share. On arriving at the gate at 05:45 on both mornings as we camped outside the park, we had to wake the staff up so we could finally pay and enter the park to start our exciting morning game […]

The Kenyan coastline – Magic!!!

After arriving back on the main land from Lamu, we headed down the Coast in the direction of Mombasa. I had been to Kilifi before and really wanted to take Mike there and show him how beautiful it is. This stretch of the coastline is really amazing and the great weather added a cherry to […]

Lamu – Let’s hope it remains

Lamu Well well well, Lamu is the most interesting little island I have seen and I hope it gets to stay the way it is for a long time to come. We stayed in Shela on Lamu island and had a great little place to relax. We stayed for two nights as it is quite […]

Hemingways with The Sparkeys

Hemingways Besides the great location and being with The Sparkies, we had a some nasty weather, but nothing that could keep us far from the bar and of course the rugby. We practically had the entire resort to ourselves due to low season accompanied by the travel ban the U.S. had put out the week […]

Nairobi – Jungle Junxion

Nairobi With two broken shackles (Lake Turkana and Aberdare) we had to get Thumper some attention, and the best place to do this in Nairobi is Jungle Junction. Chris runs the operation here and has many overlanders, back-packers, and people from all over the world who have come to travel around Africa for a year […]

Meru and Aberdare NP


Meru NP Our camping spot here was awesome, Meru is certainly jacked up for campers and to top it off it had a swimming pool, which certainly did wash all our cares away as the midday heat settled in. We saw a Genet on our first night of camping and because we arrived back at […]

A journey to the Jade Sea – Lake Turkana

A journey to the Jade Sea is not to be taken lightly. You need around a 1000 km’s of diesel, enough water for the two of us for 5 days and a vehicle that won’t fall apart over the never ending boulders, 20+ river crossings (luckily all dry otherwise we would still be there digging) […]