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Koakoland – A 4×4’s best friend

  Wow! From the most spectacular waterfall (Epupa Falls) intrepid mountain passes (Van Zyl’s pass), through valleys (Marienfluss and Hartmans) with undergound rivers, up and around sand dunes, through river beds and inside huge canyons, Koakoland can capture the mind of everyone who is willing to to do this route through Northern Namibia. We met […]


As I said we have seen some pretty darm impressive game in Africa thus far, but we knew we were at Etosha out of season and the game would be very spread out. We still saw A male Lion and two Lionesses digging into a Gemsbok right on the side of the road, Kudu, one […]

There we were… back in Nam

Having left Botswana on such a high, it would certainly be hard for Etosha to try and beat it. However we always know that kind of attitude will always create disappointment. Having arrived in Namibia certainly feels very different in terms of Africa, with such a low population in Nam, you rarely find yourself surrounded […]

Botswana Part 2

Moremi – Northgate After our holiday in Mozambique, we had to get our minds back in gear and get ready to hit the road again, first destination was North Gate. We knew we were taking a bit of a chance with this park as the rains have blessed Botswana well during the festive season but […]

Botswana Part 1

Kalahari N.P. We were quite excited fir this one, and boy were we treated. We were in the park for all of three nights and our sightings included a big Kalahari male Lion with a thick black mane mating with two female Lionesses right on the road. They were there for two full days and […]


Hwange N.P. Just before entering the park, we stumbled upon a herd of Sable and a great big herd of Buffalo that ran right across the road in front of our car. We started off on a great note, and were further treated to a male Lion, Ele (far away in the distance) and Kudu. […]

A billion reasons to believe in Africa!!!

Coca-cola is running a campaign throughout East and Southern Africa, big billboards run across the entrance  to most towns and cities and in big bold colors it reads “A million reasons to believe in Africa” When you read this you actually start counting all the unbelievable moments we have shared in Africa with people we […]

Vic falls

When Mr Livinstone stumbled upon Victoria Falls in the 1800’s, I cannot even start to comprehend just how taken-a-back he must have been. It is truly a natural wonder. We started our walk at The Devils cataract and by the time we had reached Rainbow falls we were drenched, but loved it. We actually thought […]

Zambia’s Best!!!

Kafue National Park Northern Kafue is where all the magic lives, we started in the South and drove all the way up. Again, we have arrived in the rainy season so we never saw all that this park has to offer at the right time of the year. It was still worth visitng though and […]

We love Zambia!!!

Mike and I were meant to be back home in S.A. for Christmas, we were hoping to drive into Cape Town around the 20th Dec. Since we have lingered in certain countries longer than we had expected, we will only be joining our families’ back home in March next year. Due to this delay we […]

Malawi – Lake of stars

From Chitimba, all the way down the lake to Cape Maclear we read, ate, slept, swam, snorkeled… all the way down. The best place we stayed at in Malawi was by far Makuzi beach. The couple that run the place are great. The camp site is great and you have the most amazing bay all […]

Farewell to The Kuipers…

We knew this day would come but when it finally arrived we weren’t ready to let go. Margie and Gerro drove up from S.A. to join us on the road for just over a month and a half. We all met up in Mwanza, Bruce (Mike’s brother) included and our first adenture was crossing the […]

Lake shore Lodge – tootsies up on our favourite lake – Tangas!

Lake shore Lodge Well well well we have arrived. In the middle of nowhere (Western Tanzania). We found a little piece of heaven on earth – Lakeshore Lodge, this is a must if you have a trip in mind to visit either Katavi or Mahale N.P.’s. It is breathtakingly beautiful!!! And it’s right on Lake […]

Last of Tanzanian Parks… we saved the best for last!

Katavi The road getting to Katavi is long, hard and slow, it utilises all your senses to make one hell of an impression on any traveler heading out that way. At this time of the year, mere puddles of water remain and the number of Hippo in the park dominate almost every inch of them. […]

Southern Parks continue

Ruaha N.P. Every expat living in Tanzania says this is their favourite park, so we set off with high spirits, as usual. Firstly we had the best campsite, it was right on the bank of what little water remained in the Ruaha River – This is the main artery of the park that supplies all […]

Southern Tanzanian Parks

With all the Northern parks done, we set of for a new chapter, a chapter that we hope will be more intriguing than any other parks we have been to todate. We have heard from so many people that the three big Southern parks will outshine the commercial parks in the North by leaps and […]

Saadani Safari Lodge – This is where Mike’s knee gave way

I thought we were all heading to Peponi, a nice beach campsite to reminisce about the great things we had seen in the Northern Tanzanian parks. However I was not alone as Margie and Gerro were under the same impression, but we lost them somewhere along the way after Mike had a chat with them […]

Rwanda – Our favourite so far…

Genocide Museums We headed up for a cultural trip to the area that was hit the worst during the Genocide in Rwanda – Gikongoro, which is just outside of Butare (Huye).  In 100 days over 800,000 people were killed by the Hutu’s with machetes in the name of an evil belief that was spread by […]

Tanzania – Lake Tanganyika and Burundi

Lake Tanganyika – Jacobson’s On arrival we unpacked as quickly as possible and headed down to the beach. The view that stood before us was positively inviting. Turquiose water, waves, no crocs (for the last three years) and a heavenly beach to lay our sarongs down on and get lost in our books……. Finally silence. […]


Sessee Islands Apart from the journey getting there, it’s all worth it. We found a great campsite at a resort and spent two days staring at Lake Victoria which is simply spectacular. Along with the great lake is the whitest beach sand and bird life abound. We whipped up a great poitjie on our last […]

Kidepo NP, Murchison NP and Lake Albert

Kidepo NP This park is right on the Sudanese border and takes a day to travel there including an overnight stop, which we spent at a South African owned campsite called Fugly’s based in Kitgum. The last bit of the oad to Kidepo was slow-going but we managed and arrived there in the afternoon. Not […]

Uganda – Grade 5 White waters and then Heaven…

So quickly out of Kenya and into a new dimension. Can I just say, every country you drive into looks better and better as you work your way South. That’s why S.A. is the best 🙂 We have only just arrived but driving into the country already feels so good, everything is green and the […]

Build Africa – Thanks to all of you who donated money :)

We made contact with Build Africa, our chosen charity, when we reached Nairobi and asked if we could visit a school in need of support in terms of funding. They were a great NGO to deal with and they set up a day where Maryanne, Field Location Manager for Build Africa, took us to Chura […]

Serengetti NP

Serengetti Overlanders are the bottom feeders of this high-rolling establishment! But we still got our fair share. On arriving at the gate at 05:45 on both mornings as we camped outside the park, we had to wake the staff up so we could finally pay and enter the park to start our exciting morning game […]