Saudi…..the journey

What a relief to be through Saudi and in actual fact after all the hype it wasn’t to bad.

After realizing on Wednesday morning that I didn’t have any Garmin maps for my route, there was a mild panic but alas we had old school paper maps. Off I headed, sad to leave Dubai and our lovely spot on the beach, hopefully….Rob and Lindi will sort us back when we get back to Dubai…….. one can only hope:-)

I crashed at the border on Wednesday night at some petrol station, I think all the truck drivers were shocked to seem some white guy in a roof top tent, I got more then a few stares.

Crossing the border was easy until they wanted to search my car, they called over some guy to start unpacking the car. Mild panic once again as I realized this could be an 8 hour ordeal. Luckily there was a friendly customs guy how was more interested in the trip and another guy who just kept asking about whether I had whiskey or not. Then he wanted to know if I had dog meat in the car, I presume he meant pork, which of course I didn’t besides B’s lovely ham and salami sandwiches she’d made. Luckily after a few smiles and handshakes I was off again.

The first hour of driving through Saudi is interesting with the sand dunes and camels and then from there on, it becomes flat and monotonous. There is bearly a blip on the horizon with the only variation being the criss-crossing oil pipe lines.

The highlight of day 2 was passing the Iraqi border fences and driving through a thunderstorm shortly followed by a sandstorm.





The cost of diesel is a jokes, AED30 or USD8 for 100 litres of diesel.

Cost of Diesel

Cost of Diesel

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  1. Matt and Jilly says:

    Love the boarder crossing story. I’m sure it was the customs officer’s event of the day…

  2. Irene says:

    Hahaha .. i can imagine the set up …you sleeping at the petrol station, feeling a little awkward but not giving a hoot … haha … thats so funny!!

  3. Kim and Dave says:

    Hey guys! Loved reading your blog. Safe travels! Xx

  4. Lisa Bucher says:

    Bee and Mike – so awesome – I cant wait to read and see more! Thinking of you both and this amazing adventure, be safe and LOADS of love and hugs XXX

  5. Stan says:

    I’m sorry i missed it Mike, looks like it was a highlight – next time.

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