Wadi Rum

Which way to go????

Which way to go????

Wadi Rum is a wildlife reserve 2 hours south of Amman. It provides fantastic photo opportunities due to the amazing colour contrasts between the sand and the hills. Unfortunately we weren’t there at sunset or sunrise which would have allowed for even better photographs, these where however shot during the harshest midday hours. Hope you enjoy, unfortunately due to slow internet speed I have only put up smaller size photos.

Time out

Missioning around

Missioning around

4 Responses to “Wadi Rum”

  1. Kim band says:

    I love the first pic! Bab, you like like such a little African explorer. Born to travel! X love you sister!

  2. Ali says:

    Hello mike, how are you? I saw your pictures in wadi rum. I hope both of you did have a great adventure in jordan!..

  3. Alan 'Dutch' Schaefer says:

    Gooood. Keep the updates coming!

  4. Irene says:

    Wow … looks amazing guys!!! such an awesome adventure man!

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