Jordan….Finally I get to join the adventure

I met Mike at Jordan International Airport on the evening of the 6 March. He looked like he had been dragged through a bush backwards – Saudi does that to you apparently 🙂

I delayed the journey by one day as I left the laptop behind….. but I knew that Marco and Delphine (Pippa’s new family) were flying into Jordan the next day so I arranged for them to bring it over…. Thank you for your help with this 🙂

Once we had the laptop we headed off for Aqaba, South of Jordan, en route we decided to stop off at Wadi Rum . Once arriving in Aqaba, we made arrangements to jump onto the next ferry heading for Nuwaibe in Egypt. Once  at the ticketing office  we were faced with Option 1 was to take the ferry that evening at midnight or to wait for a “possible fast ferry” the next day that would leave at midday. I am sure you can guess which option we went with.  Beers and dinner in Aqaba seemed so much more inviting.

First thing in the morning we headed for the ticket office and we were faced with the unfortunate news that the fast ferry would not be leaving at midday but the slower ferry was still scheduled to leave at midnight….. Lesson number 1 – when traveling in these parts, suck it up and take the first boat out, no matter what a mission it may seem, at least you get it over and done with. Anyway, since we were not in any hurry, we snuck into the Intercontinental Hotel, made for the beach and spent the day reading and relaxing. After dinner we headed for the ferry station so we could be there 3 hours in advance. All paperwork was completed on the Jordan side and then you sit and wait in a queue. All trucks board the ferry first and then the rest of the vehicles. Waiting in this queue 2.5 hours. Once we boarded the ferry and parked Thumper in a good spot to escape quickly (ha ha) we headed up to the cabin which was not bad at all. however I must have been the only girl on the ferry….. Every time I woke up someone was sitting staring at me in disbelief.

Our ferry was due to depart Aqaba at 24:00hrs (oh, and only take 3 hours to cross), it finally set sail at 05:00 and we arrived at Nuwaibe Port at 9:30. Time: 5 hours

On arrival we all sat in our vehicles with engines revving in hope of disembarking the ferry for 2.5 hours. Paperwork took 2.5 hours Time: 5 hours

14 hours later we were on our way to Dahab.

The weather has not been the greatest and visibility for diving not good at all (in actual fact just not good by “Red Sea” standards) but they have just been hit by algae bloom and a sand storm so the diving community here is not doing a very good sales pitch at the moment.

Tomorrow we will head off to St Katherine’s monastery and up toward The Suez Canal and into Cairo to buy our ticket for the next “Ferry adventure” from Aswan (Egypt) to Wadi Halfa (Sudan). I have no doubt in my mind this will be a “ferry looooong journey” followed by a blog note on this specifically.

Mikey departs Dubai, with leo as company

Final farewell to Kimmy at the airport

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

Another crazy load

Another crazy load



6 Responses to “Jordan….Finally I get to join the adventure”

  1. Wishing you an awesome adventure as you travel south guys. We will be keeping an eye on the blog & taking notes! Good luck & Cheers! Aussie Overlanders

  2. Kim says:

    Bab and Mikey!! Loved reading your Blog Bab! Sounds like you need a sense of humour! How did you guys celebrate Mikes Birthday?!? Loooove you!!!!!!

  3. MICHELE says:

    Do not forget to stop and explore Luxor
    it is amazing, King Ramus the second and a few amazing egyptians queens!
    Look forward to hearing from you soon

  4. Gus says:

    Hey Guys, what happened to a stop in at Petra? Have you been before? I hope so cause it’s probably in my Top 5 places I have ever been…

    Very jealous about this trip I must say, getting real bad travel pangs as I eat my cornflakes this AM.

    I remember that ferry trip with Chloe, the guys where literally crowding around our booth for hours and just starting, we had to hide her under a pachmina for about 5 hours and then take her to the Police station on the other side so she could wait for me, while I sorted out the paper work. Those ‘Gypo’s take creeping out to a whole new level.

    Enjoy, safe travels!

    Au Rivour, Pour Favor

    • Our African Footprint says:

      Mate ours was just as bad. B would wake up and there would be 5 guys staring at her. SHOCKERS!!!!

  5. Irene says:

    Classic A-RAB time … Haha got to love it! I also love that crazy load picture … you guys look like professionals. And i like the way Mike is keeping the seat next to him warm with ol leo the lion…. did you see the pic i posted on your wall sparkit!? Miss you guys already and only day 11 omg!

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