B’s love affair

I just had too

Because she can


and again

and there she goes again


6 Responses to “B’s love affair”

  1. Kim band says:

    Ha ha! Awesome pics! You guys rock!

  2. Glenda Rae says:

    Now how you doing? looks like you all having such a good time, B you will have a problem getting into clothes when you land in Cape Town!! no shoe and a sarong my very best. Where is you sarong Mike? Lots of love Glenda

  3. gerro says:

    Fantastic photo’s, Michael looks like you have competition

  4. Michele Sparkes says:

    Love your photos

  5. Irene Proimos says:

    I love these pics … to think you guys are so free right now .. so awesome … wish i was there!

  6. Mohammed Abdel Hamid says:

    Hi Mike, great pictures your posted from my homeland. There are lots of exciting places in Egypt, explore and have fun!

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