Meru and Aberdare NP

Meru NP

Our camping spot here was awesome, Meru is certainly jacked up for campers and to top it off it had a swimming pool, which certainly did wash all our cares away as the midday heat settled in. We saw a Genet on our first night of camping and because we arrived back at the vary last minute, it got dark very quickly and we were a little scared of the beasts that lurked in the shadows so we disapered into our tent straight after dinner. Residents to the campsite were water buck, Impalas, Baboons and of course our Genet. It was at Meru that Mike spotted our very first Big cat, a Cheetah. Mike saw Gazelles in the distance with raised heads, sounding an alarm call so we sat and watched for a while, until we spotted her, she then graced us with a great catwalk as she strode across the road right in front of us and stopped on a log to stretch.

Meru is the home of “Born Free’s” Elsa the Lion,  her grave lies here along with Pippa the Cheetah and an orphaned Giraffe that befriended all campers and sadly did not survive long.

So the big five spotted here were Buffalo & Elephant. Hippos abound in all water holes and a croc along with fascinating lizards and a very different antelope we had never seen before in Southern Africa, a Gerenuk is very similar to an Impala, accept it has an extremely long neck and you usually see them standing on their hind-quarters browsing from the branches in trees (Mike’s bog will have a pic of this true freak of nature).


Sunrise over Meru


Cat pose


She’s looking at me

Only 1 croc in Meru

Spotted the only croc in Meru

About to break out into the African Swing

About to break out into the “African Swing”


Aberdare NP

This is a National Park like no other we have ever seen before. It was a green jungle at quite a high altitude with grassy openings on the sides of the road. Here you are always guaranteed quite a close encounter with Buffalo, Ele and, Giant forest hogs, Warthog (massive), Waterbuck, many a Baboon, and to close our experience on our first night we saw a Leopard with her daughter on the road but they disappeared very quickly into the bush. The jungle here hides an enormous amount of animals from you, however you still see so much, and when they have had enough of you gawking they simply turn to the jungle and with one step they disappear into thin air. Your camera reflexes are tested here and I say this because the picture you will see of the Leopards is all we have to show, even though the mother took a good look at us with her stealing blue eyes before heading behind the invisible curtain of jungle. Just as we were heading back to the camp we saw a Hyena heading out for the some evening grub.

Our camp site was beautiful and a little creepy at the same time because the evening mist rolls in among the massive trees that surround you and leaves you with quite a ghostly last impression before the sun sets.

The mornings were freezing at a temp of 9 degrees, so Milo hit the spot and warmed us up quite nicely. On our second evening we think we, or should I say Mike spotted what is very rare but home to Aberdare, a black Leopard. He was just walking off the road as we came round the corner. I only caught a glimpse of the tail and the colouring is a lot darker than the Leopard we saw the night before. No pics I’m afraid…!

The animals at Aberdare are enormous, clearly because food and water is abound and if I were a wild animal I would choose to live here too. They had to remove the Lion they had in the park because they were climbing into the Giant forest hogs.

It’s a must of you ever wonder up to Northern Kenya.


Aberdare rain forest more like... a true spectacle

Aberdare rain forest more like… a true spectacle

Buff having a munch

Buff having a munch

Catching a few rays and zzzz'd

Catching a few rays and zzzz’d

The most beautiful Water buck are at Aberdare

The most beautiful Water buck are at Aberdare

One of five waterfalls in the park

One of five waterfalls in the park

A small waterfall close to a trout farm in the park

Our Leopard that escaped w/o us getting a proper shot

Our Leopard that escaped w/o us getting a proper shot



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