Hemingways with The Sparkeys


Besides the great location and being with The Sparkies, we had a some nasty weather, but nothing that could keep us far from the bar and of course the rugby.

We practically had the entire resort to ourselves due to low season accompanied by the travel ban the U.S. had put out the week before we arrived, advising all US citizens to avoid travel to Kenya. This was due to an attack warning from Al Shabaab. The Kenyan Defence Force is currently in Somalia trying to sort out the current situation there. The Somalis are obviously not happy about this and so they enter Kenya and try and terrify the people so the government will pull there troops out of their country. This situation will go on for a very long time as Kenya will not give up until Somalia has restored some form of law and order….

We watched the final test, SA vs Engalnd (abysmal) at a great restaurant/bar owned by a great Whelsh couple, this is the place all locals go when they have some time off so we met many a skipper, kite-surfer, hotel manager, chef and fisherman. Needless to say the game was a little horrible to watch so we drowned our cabin-fever selves in whiskey and rum…. Yea the next day was a recovery day, but I was treated to a spa treatment with my mom, which I must say is the best way to get over a night like that. Thanks Mama

The folks brought through three tupperwares with some really awesome home-made cookies, loads of biltong, dry wors, a sheep-skin sheet for our tent and alcohol. It was very sad to see them go but was wonderful to spend time with them and tell them all about our adventures so far. One of the guys that worked at Hewmingways told us that we should definitely head up to Lamu for a few days and that security there since the last incident had been seriously jacked up and was not a place to leave off the list.

We waved the folks off, with a lump in my throat and headed for Lamu.

Hemingways – view onto the beach



Pool area - not used much by us

Pool area – not used much by us

Seaweed galore fills the coastline

The Sparkeys






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  1. Irene says:

    Thats so lovely bee … a bit of Spa did wonders i am sure. We going to be so close to each other when we in Tanzania …. we have to make a plan …. we need to talk ASAP! Miss you! so glad you got some extra TLC with your mommy! love you Bee (and Mike!!)

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