The Kenyan coastline – Magic!!!

After arriving back on the main land from Lamu, we headed down the Coast in the direction of Mombasa. I had been to Kilifi before and really wanted to take Mike there and show him how beautiful it is. This stretch of the coastline is really amazing and the great weather added a cherry to the top of my pitch.  We also stumbled upon some gems as we drove along. Anyone really interested in Kite surfing? Well, this is the place for you – Che Shala is a great place right on the beach with great bays to do a course or take on the big guys beyond the reef if you are already well-practiced. Unfortunately they were closed but this is on the list as one of the places we have to come back and see one day.

I simply can’t say anything more about the Kenyan coastline besides  the fact that it’s a great holiday for anyone wanting to explore.

Just North of Mombasa we stayed at a overlanders haven, Edelweiss. It is Swiss/German owned and word of advice if they ask you if you want to join them for dinner, make sure they give you the price first. I must have asked three times and was avoided at all cost. Dinner was simple and they opened a bottle of wine and they themselves had a glass each as did we. It was rather pricey, no questions asked. Besides this, they have a great piece of land for overlanders and a big blue swmming pool that we used for two whole days! It was wonderful.

Secret places to explore

Secret places to explore

Kilifi - my best

Kilifi – my best

Kite surfing bay – one of many in Kenya

Rescue beach – Thumper did it again!!!! this time a Yaris

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