Serengetti NP


Overlanders are the bottom feeders of this high-rolling establishment! But we still got our fair share. On arriving at the gate at 05:45 on both mornings as we camped outside the park, we had to wake the staff up so we could finally pay and enter the park to start our exciting morning game drive. We saw so many Wildebeest in the Wetern corridor getting ready to cross the Grumeti River on our first day. At a river crossing there were a load of dead Wildebeest piling up from an attempted crossing the night before where they all sadly met their end and drowned. We had a great lunch spot right on an open plain in full view of the Wildebeest. On our second day there were slightly fewer Wildebeest so we decided to spend a night in the park and head a little further down to Seronera. We were treated to Lion’s mating and there chosen spot for this was right next the road, Leopard having a sunny snooze up in a tree where his Gazelle take-away hung on a branch close by. The next morning we stumbled on a Hyena in the road and were shortly joined by more females and the cubs. They played around our car for about 30 minutes and got so close to our window that at times I thought the line had been crossed between man and nature. I then spotted a Leopard lazing on a rock and we then went on to see 4 other Leopard in trees later that morning. I must say other than my Leopard spotting, all you really need to do at The Serengetti is stop where you see you all of the tour groups and wapa, you have yourself a Lion, Cheetah or Leopard. Just before we left Seronera to head back to the Western corridor we saw a Cheetah with her four cubs all lying under a tree meters from a big group of Tommy gazelles. This is when you realize that this is why people pay what they do to fly in for three days, do the big cats and then onto other Kenyan and Tanzanian parks.

Washed up Wildebeest after a failed attempt to cross the Grumeti River

Monitor lizard making the best of a washed up feast

Croc getting his fair share

Scavengers abound on this easy feeding frenzy

Back on it

Cheetah with cubs

Mating female at Seronera – taking a break


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