Build Africa – Thanks to all of you who donated money :)

We made contact with Build Africa, our chosen charity, when we reached Nairobi and asked if we could visit a school in need of support in terms of funding. They were a great NGO to deal with and they set up a day where Maryanne, Field Location Manager for Build Africa, took us to Chura Primary School in the district of Gilgil.

On arrival we were greeted by the Headmaster and the Chairman of the school. Their office was a mud hut and right next to them were three other mud huts which were the classrooms. There is also a kindergarten classroom on the other side of the field and all these kids have two toilets to use. Simon gave us a great run down of how everything works and what everyone has done, including the children’s parents, to get this school up and running.

The Chairman himself could not finish school due to a lack of funds and so he has built each and every desk for the pupils and paid for them out of his own pocket. Simon, the headmaster has used his own money to buy notebooks, pencils and uniforms for the school and one day hopes to have a nice uniform that will keep the children warm.

We were then greeted by all the children who had prepared a song and poem for us. The name of the poem was “Education is my light” and they performed these beautifully. Mike and I had bought some footballs for the kids and gave one to the Kindergarten crew and two to the bigger guys. They chased after the balls with great delight until they had to get back to their lessons.

All the money you helped us raise for Build Africa will go to this school. So again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping these kids achieve something their parents dared to dream of. You can now see where your money has gone and what a difference you have all made to these kids’ lives.

Maryanne then took us to another school where Build Africa was able to support them by providing the materials to build desks, toilets and classrooms with the money they had collected from donations. The difference between these two schools was staggering. They of course still need a lot more, but compared to what they have at Chura, it’s a massive difference.

The last round we made was to witness a micro-finance plan that Build Africa provides the people in Gilgil. They choose and train up a Community-based trainer (CBT) who the finds like-minded people to join his group and how it all works is.

Each member pays KES150 (USD2) per month a cycle lasts for 18 months and each time they meet they have an opportunity to take a loan, provided what they have collected can sustain that demand. You can roll over your loan payment for three months but each month you pay 10% interest on your loan. The Secretary keeps all the figures logged in a book that they are given once trained up by the CBT and the Treasurer looks after the money.

This helps each parent or family in the group with paying for things like school fees, uniforms, start up of a small business and everyday living. You can see on all their faces how this little scheme has changed their lives and gives them an opportunity to spring board into the daily management of their lives. Banks won’t give them a loan as most of them all work their fields and plough and harvest once a year and that is their livelihood.

Once we had a cup of tea with the group and watched in on their monthly meeting, we then headed for some lunch with Maryanne who took us to have some great Nyama choma, which we learnt is something all South Africans would love because it simply is braaied meat. We had goat and liver, AWESOME!!!

Thanks to all of you again for your generosity – I have a wee little tear in my eye.

The Chairman, Simon (Headmaster) of Chura Primary school and Maryanne from Build Africa

In class again, brought back come scary memories

Soccer balls, bound to put a smile on these little faces


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  1. Irene says:

    That is so amazing! I had a tear in my tear too. So special to see first hand where your / our donations are going and who you are helping. Are you continuing to give donations to them or choosing a new charity or has donations stopped?

    How does goat taste? yum yum … goat and liver stew .. hmmm sounds real tasty

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