Murchison Falls NP

One word to some up Murchison………..Poaching and nobody cares. You tell the rangers and they don’t seem to take an interest. We wild camped on the delta, 30km from the nearest legal person in the park, which was awesome. They say you need a guard for the animals but you need it for the poachers!!!! We talked them out of not giving us one and the art night we heard an animal crying for 3 hours in a snare, no lions around. First thing in the morning we saw the fisherman on land collecting their bush meat, there was human spore everywhere and nobody seemed to care. Sad another park going down the drain!!!!

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  1. Irene says:

    That is quite sad indeed. They prob get bribed or a cut in the sale of the animal. Shame.
    Your campsite looks real professional oh wow. I love it! So if i meet you guys cause i don’t have a campsite – i can sleep on the backseat right? Please answer this question ….

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