Uganda – Grade 5 White waters and then Heaven…

So quickly out of Kenya and into a new dimension. Can I just say, every country you drive into looks better and better as you work your way South. That’s why S.A. is the best 🙂

We have only just arrived but driving into the country already feels so good, everything is green and the Nile is so clean and has been looked after so well.

First stop, Jinja. We drive straight in and head for The Haven, which is exactly what it sounds like – beautiful. It looks over the first two rapids you tackle when rafting. It’s a special place so we decide to head back into town, find out what the game is with White water rafting and then decide how we can fit a night in at this special place. Oh and some more good news, we have secured our permits for Gorilla trekking in Rwanda included with a two night stay at a hotel (as Rwanda has not opened itself to the activity of camping yet) for the 27 August. Yahoo!

With our rafting deal we get two nights accommodation included so we start here. Awesome camping place, butterflies in my tummy as we are booked in for grade 5 WWR.

What a great day – 8 rapids, only 2 flips of one I was dunked badly and landed up under the boat when it flipped, but thank goodness for the air pocket it provides. We joined up with an Austrian family – One guy, two girls and their father who looked like Clint Eastwood. We were also with the lady who ran the show, Jane and she really is like Tarzan’s girlfriend, she is pretty hardcore but man was I happy to be in a boat with her as our guide. Between each rapid are these long pools that you get to swim in or just sit on the boat and look around at the beauty that surrounds you! Fish eagles, Storks, comorants and a huge amount of water. Great thing about WWR down the Nile is due to the volume of water that runs through here, there are  no rocks so you don’t have to stress about that at all.

Great day! And guess where I am writing this blog up right now, yup at The Haven… with a sore body, there is no better way to soothe and relax.

Enjoy the pics!


In the beginning, there was calm

Ready, steady…

Here we go

And the panic begins

YeeHaa! We made it through the first rapid

Only to face the second rapid

Up we go, through the white waters of hell (according to me)

And over we go!

In a mild panic, ok ok a massive panic

It continues… this white water washing machine

And continues

Michael smiles with glee the whole way through

It’s almost over – one more to go

For the worst and last rapid the boys climb into “The heroes” boat and off we go!

2 Responses to “Uganda – Grade 5 White waters and then Heaven…”

  1. Irene says:

    haha funny sparkes! you look so cute when you fell in! hmmm looks so fun! i want to do rafting next year – grand canyon or zambezi. Awesome

  2. The Austrian says:

    Good lookin’ fellas these Austrians, but that’s nothing new…
    Great update B and LBK, nice pics too :O, really hope to see you guys in Dec!

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