Sessee Islands

Apart from the journey getting there, it’s all worth it. We found a great campsite at a resort and spent two days staring at Lake Victoria which is simply spectacular. Along with the great lake is the whitest beach sand and bird life abound. We whipped up a great poitjie on our last night as well as a bush pizza which turned our perfectly!!! Big brownie points for me, as it’s Mike’s staple diet.

Arrival by ferry to The Sessee Islands on Lake Vic

Grubs up!

Sunset over Lake Victoria

Lake Bunyoni

What a great location and the campsite was amazing, we would certainly have given this one a 5/5 if it weren’t for the overlanding companies that arrive in their droves each day with a group of tourists who make a hell of a noise that starts at 4:30 in the morning. When the ovelander trucks have left you literally take full advantage of the silence and as you drift into an afternoon snooze, a new load of em pull in.

We met a crazy character here, Ralf, a German chap who has been traveling through Africa for 5.5 years. He knows Cape Town better than I do and has traveled Namibia at length. He was a bag of inspiration and gave us many tips on the journey that still lies head for us. He is on his way up the East cast now and will head for Oman, Dubai, Iran and then India eventually. If any of you in Dubai see a yellow and purple Mercedes van driving through town, it’s Ralf and you have to go and say hello and take him out for a night in Dub dub.

That’s Uganda done with unfortunately but we have certainly spread our tracks over this country during our journey and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. Now for the drive where we will drive straight through Rwanda into Tanzania and head for Lake Turkana. Three countries in one day yahoo, let’s do this!





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