Tanzania – Lake Tanganyika and Burundi

Lake Tanganyika – Jacobson’s

On arrival we unpacked as quickly as possible and headed down to the beach. The view that stood before us was positively inviting. Turquiose water, waves, no crocs (for the last three years) and a heavenly beach to lay our sarongs down on and get lost in our books……. Finally silence.

The water is so great, Lake Turkana looks like a perfect seaside destination and the best thing is as your head breaks the water and you take your first breath from the inevitable plunge, there is no salt water to wipe from your eyes, it’s fresh and clean and such a spoil.

Unfortunately the campsite bookings are not managed very well and we landed up spending our second night with three Belgian families and far too many rugrats, in total 20 people and us. Safety in numbers right? They dominated all the facilities nd even had the cheek to remove our poitjie from the fire because they had to cook and they said it looked ready……Woah. We firmly stood our ground and made space for them to make a fire and replaced our poitjie and made our way down to the beach to escape the noise. They were only meant to spend one night and instead landed up staying a second night. Mike and I literally lived on the beach and went up to the campsite when we ate or slept so it was not too bad, we managed.

To make things just a little comical on the morning the Belgians left (Yahoo) there was a German missionary family that pulled into the house next to us and they all play trumpets…. Yes, trumpets at 8:00 in the morning. I know what you thinking, you are all at work at that time and it’s not so early and you are right, however it was the last thing we expected to find on our travels. All our expectations so far have been exceeded.

A most perfect beach on Lake Tangas

Fresh water on a beach setting – what a reward!

Very relaxed after four days of vegging on this little piece of heaven


Now this country surprised us, all police offiicials speak French which helps get you out of a bind when you have been caught not wearing your seat belt and can’t understand what he is saying to you other than him pointing to your seat belt. We found a great Belgian owned guesthouse and plugged straight into the wireless and watched satelite TV all day. Unfortunately you can only get a transit visa for 72 hours so we were not around very long. Bujumbura however was fab!!!

Catching a ride “African Style”

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