Rwanda – Our favourite so far…

Genocide Museums

We headed up for a cultural trip to the area that was hit the worst during the Genocide in Rwanda – Gikongoro, which is just outside of Butare (Huye).  In 100 days over 800,000 people were killed by the Hutu’s with machetes in the name of an evil belief that was spread by tribal leaders who made all Hutu citizens believe that they would be killed by the Tutsi’s if they did not stand up and take control now, by killing any Tutsi they came across. Gikongoro memorial was the location of the technical college that all Tutsi’s sought for protection from the Hutu’s but they were not safe there at all and most of them died at the hands of the Hutu rebels. In Kigali most Tutsi’s fled to churches seeking refuge and they met with betrayal there as priests and people of the church alerted Hutus’s to their whereabouts and people were killed in their drives inside the scared walls of what the Tutsi’s thought would save them by any means. Bodies piled up in the Rwanda Genocide three times faster than they did during the holocaust, obviously not for as long but it was a disaster that could have been avoided if Western involvement had acted sooner… it leaves you quite sad with a heavy heart as I could not imagine something like this happening in our time, but this genocide only took place recently and is still a wound Rwanda shows. When you drive through the countryside you see prisoners in pink uniforms, and these are the people who were personally involved in the Genocide and have been goaled for crimes against humanity. They carry out community service in the country and will forever be marked by the color of their uniform. Paul Kagame has done great things for Rwanda and the country has recovered to an impressive level for having just been through a Genocide.

Lake Kivu

I thought Lake Turkana would be forever at the top of my list in terms of beautiful Lakes, but Lake Kivu blew our minds. It is so beautiful !!! Picture a great deep blue lake surrounded by green hills in Switzerland. This is a site very few get to capture and we will treasure forever. Ralf. Our crazy German road companion, told us of a house he rented right on the lake so we got hold of the Belgian family and asked if we could please stay at her place for 4 nights. Unfortunately we could not for as long as we’d hoped but had at least one night to enjoy this idyllic spot.

We headed further up Lake Kivu and found a great spot to park off for four days and get back into our books.

We stayed at this house right on Lake Kivu

Our view from our resting place

Valley of a Thousand Hills – This country is magnificent!!


After relaxing on the shores of Lake Tanganyika and Lake Kivu for about two weeks we headed into the Ruhengeri area, home to The Virunga Mountains and of course one of the most special bucket-list moments, The Gorillas

We stayed at The Mountain Gorilla View Lodge  and were treated to buffet meals, a big ole room with a fire place and the coziest bed.

The day had finally arrived and it began with an early start.  Once everyone was sorted into their groups we began our trek and were quite lucky to have found our designated Gorilla family after 2.5 hours of trekking up the extinct Volcano Our family luckily decided to take a rest as we arrived. The hour we got to spend with the silver back and his family was heart warming, thrilling and the little babies are the sweetest things you have ever laid your eyes on.

It was such an amazing day and we strongly recommend that if you’re a nature bunny, this is one for your list!

I want one…

Paps and the baby

Papa taking a nap

This takes your breath away

Amazing moments like this will stay with you forever

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