Our Magical Day

Our Magical day couldn’t have been any better!!!


Before B knew.......

Before B knew…….

At least the venue gets a thumbs up

At least the venue gets a thumbs up

Our private pool

Our private pool

And the verdict is………..YES!!!!!!

4 Responses to “Our Magical Day”

  1. AK says:

    How did I miss this particular post?!

    Well, congrats once again 🙂

  2. Matty says:

    Beeee, Mike! I know it’s late. I knew as people told me but I never got around to say Congratulations! All the best! Matty

    • Our African Footprint says:


      So goo to hear from you and I am so pleased that you looking at our website and keeping in touch!!! I hope Gilly and Matilda are well. I hope you are not working too hard!!!! Whatever!!!!! I know you are busting it up in CR. Thanks for the wishes and we will be in touch when we hit Dubai next year around June – ish

      Keep well and enjoy life Matty!!!! Seriously, before you know it Matilda will be dating boys and you will be a grumpy old man.

      Mike end his regards.


  3. gerro says:

    The best start you both could have wished for.
    Lots of love

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