Saadani Safari Lodge – This is where Mike’s knee gave way

I thought we were all heading to Peponi, a nice beach campsite to reminisce about the great things we had seen in the Northern Tanzanian parks. However I was not alone as Margie and Gerro were under the same impression, but we lost them somewhere along the way after Mike had a chat with them at a gas station. We drove all day, and finally came to a game park entrance, which I thought was a bit weird. This park was not on the Garmin and I didn’t think we had to drive through a National Park to get to the coast. Mike convinced me that he too was a bit confused but that we had to push on as it was getting late. We finally arrived at a lodge, this was no pepponi but I could hear the sea and I was so exhausted that I thought we had probably arrived here by accident.

We were greeted by a great gentleman, Costa, who welcomed us and told us to go across to the room and unwind a little before coming back to get our bags. Now I was majorly confused but I honestly had never seen a more beautiful place in my life. Our room was amazing!!! Only to find out later that it was The Honeymoon suite – Oh yes! I was in heaven… those who know me well can only imagine my reaction to this unbelievable peace of heaven. I spotted a bottle of Champas on ice, Mike knowing me so well  said “They would probably charge us for that” so we could not tuck in. We headed to the pool and freshened up and this is where Mike ran back up to the top and brought down the bottle of Prosecco on ice, poured us two glasses of the bubbly and joined me back in the pool. He slipped my “African Rock” into my glass and handed this to me. Upon discovering a little pressie for me down there, we downed our glasses (As most girls would ha ha) and Mike proposed. What more can be said… I truly felt like the happiest and luckiest girl in the world at that very moment.

Costa offered to take us for a game drive through the par. we were lucky enough to enjoy red wine and snacks as we watched the sun set over an African sky dotted with Giraffe and Water Buck. We sat enjoying this all while getting very philosophical indeed – Just as red wine requires 🙂

Saadani Safari Lodge was a treat beyond all expectations and we had such a great time with the people that work there as well as in a place that is so very special!! We ate Prawns and Lobster to our hearts content, we had our own private pool, viewing deck, swing bed and we were right on the beach. This was a place where our two favorite worlds met – The bush and the beach…. It was a dream come true and I recommend this place to anyone who needs time-out from the cement jungle!

Due to all the questions flooding through, we will not be getting married in Africa on our trip, we will spend that day with our closest friends and family, we would never get hitched without you x

Our little spot right on the beach

Our private pool

Chink chink accompanied by my “African rock”

Sunset drinks with Costa in the Game Park

A final cheers at Saadani



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  1. gerro says:

    Yeah yeah wish we were with you but…………..
    So happy for both of you

  2. Mike Sparkes says:

    Smooth Cat 🙂 Love you guys

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