Southern Tanzanian Parks

With all the Northern parks done, we set of for a new chapter, a chapter that we hope will be more intriguing than any other parks we have been to todate. We have heard from so many people that the three big Southern parks will outshine the commercial parks in the North by leaps and bounds.

So first on the list is Selous Game Reserve. The road to this National park was somewhat challenging and mentally exhausting (Like a day at the office ) but we arrived in time for an afternoon game drive and after a beer we were ready to put our game goggles on and take to the road.

Our campsite was in the middle of nowhere with no signs showing you where to go and no map for the park (sold out), with luck we finally got there.

Selous is around 45,000 sq km in size but only the Northern part is open as a game reserve and we can only think that this is due to the fact that the rest of the park is a hunting concession. All Elephant, Giraffe and Buffalo run at the site and sound of your vehicle, and some Elle we saw had shorter trunks which we can only think is due  to poachers setting snares and these poor animals get their trunks stuck in the damned thing. It’s a terrible experience being in a park where you see animals running away as soon as you spot them.

We got seriously lucky and were able to sit with two Lionesses and two male Lion for about an hour, and our patience rewarded us greatly. One Lioness spotted some Impala about 50 meters away and immediately she took her place and sported the stalking position. She had walked slowly for about 25 meters when they spotted her, the warning call sounded. This however did not put her off, she carried on walking straight toward the Impala who were all running around in different directions. The other Lion now realizing that the chase was on, joined in. A bush was strategically placed right in front of us at this point, but just as we thought we had missed all the action we saw a baby Impala jump into a muddy riverbed and the Lioness followed, she was rewarded for her efforts and nabbed the baby Impala. She unfortunately had spent all that energy on a mere foal (What a pity) She ran off with her winnings, as I’m sure that tasty morsel would not feed the pride. The Buffalo in the nearby grassland watched this all in disbelief and realized they had escaped a close call. Watching these cats in their stalking mode was really amazing and we have seen an attempted stalk in every park in Tanzania so far…

Hippo’s certainly do have the ideal life!

Yawn… so bored right now with you tourists who just stare

Wooly-necked Storks

So peaceful



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