Southern Parks continue

Ruaha N.P.

Every expat living in Tanzania says this is their favourite park, so we set off with high spirits, as usual.

Firstly we had the best campsite, it was right on the bank of what little water remained in the Ruaha River – This is the main artery of the park that supplies all the game with the only water around during the drier months. You could honestly just sit here for the remainder of your visit and see it all.

There are three main prides of Lion in the park, one pride is called “The Jaa” Pride, Jaa meaning hungry in Swahili (don’t want to stumble cross these guys on foot close to the campsite). Another pride consists of three big males that are experts at hunting Buffalo, very rarely seen though. The last pride, consisted of what we can only confirm to be 6 female Lionesses who on several occasions were seated on the opposite side of the DRY riverbed watching us sink a few Kili beers…

This park made us realise just how vulnerable you are when camping and how we all seem to take on a false sense of security purely because we cannot see what surrounds us at any given moment. I am quite certain we have stopped for lunch or walked to the bathrooms when we have had a pair of eyes following us on a number of occasions. The beauty of hindsight!!!

During our afternoon rest at the campsite we would always be treated to a scene of passing Ele, Giraffe and Hippo in the riverbed. On one of the evenings, Hyena popped in for a visit and decided to take Margie and Gerro’s bread pot for a walk, Margie heard the commotion and sent Gerro down to chase after the scavenger, Gerro in all his splendor, saved the very valuable tool we came to rely on so much. In the morning, we saw a perfect bite impression in The Kuiper’s table that the Hyena had left behind as a token for good story telling – Hungry guy clearly.

This park is so beautiful in the Winter, we can only imagine just how magnificent it must be when the rains arrive and the park bursts with color accompanied by the smell of an African thunderstorm, there really isn’t anything I can think of that tops the smell of the earth once a huge thunderstorm subsides over African soil. It’s magic, it’s mother nature at it’s best. One day we hope to return to this park, take one deep breath and pick up from where we left off.


Our view from the campsite

My Lola… Lo Lo Lo Lo Lola

The Kuipers… saluting the sunset


My favourite

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  1. gerro says:

    we will also want to return to Ruah. What a park

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