Lake shore Lodge – tootsies up on our favourite lake – Tangas!

Lake shore Lodge

Well well well we have arrived. In the middle of nowhere (Western Tanzania). We found a little piece of heaven on earth – Lakeshore Lodge, this is a must if you have a trip in mind to visit either Katavi or Mahale N.P.’s. It is breathtakingly beautiful!!! And it’s right on Lake Tanganyika. Not only is the place mind blowing, but the owners Chris and Louise are a bundle of fun.

We spent three days just lying on the beach, eating lunch and dinner at the lodge each day (YUM!!!) and drinking ourselves happier and happier with each ice cold Kili. Dinners were served at a table set on the beach right by the water.

On our second night, Chris joined us for “A drink” which turned into some red wine and a bottle of Chivas, while Margie ripped into Chris for being an ex-Parktonian boy, need I say more. The drinks flowed and we all finally wobbled up to the campsite to get in a few hours of beauty sleep.

What was only meant to be three days turned into four as we were not quite ready to depart just yet. Chris, Louise and James joined us for dinner on the last night, however before we had decided to stay we were very generously offered two of the chalets to rest our camping bones. We struck it eve luckier when they told Mike and I we could take the honeymoon suite as an early treat! And what a treat it was.

After dinner we all proceeded up to the bar for a roadie and once Margie, Gerro and Louise left for bed, the boys introduced us to Ole Johnie Walker. Everyone started playing there favourite songs, only to leave us all blurry eyed in the a.m. and the worst part was that Mike and I had a 10 hour journey ahead of us, along a road that could give the gentlest soul a good batch of terrets.

Fun was had, livers were shattered and we even broke the record for the highest bar bill – Go figure. Lakeshore was an unforgettable stop thanks to the amazing hospitality, food and sunsets.


Dinner table set right on the beach

The view up the coast from the honeymoon chalet at the end

After dinner pic

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