Farewell to The Kuipers…

We knew this day would come but when it finally arrived we weren’t ready to let go.

Margie and Gerro drove up from S.A. to join us on the road for just over a month and a half. We all met up in Mwanza, Bruce (Mike’s brother) included and our first adenture was crossing the border to Kenya and heading to The Masai Mara. What a treat that was, as we actually arrived just in time to catch two separate migration crossings of Wildebeest and Zebra.

We unfortunately had to say goodbye to Bruce in Nairobi after that, but we all shared  a bucket-list moment I’m sure we’ll will never forget.

There are so many moments that capture the highs and lows of life on the road, but to be sharing it with Mike’s folks added such a wonderful dimension to our trip. To mention but a few of the times that brought smiles to our faces:

  • Rainy dinners at the Mara. In pure desperation on the last night we cooked a 30 min poitjie in a thunderstorm while Mike squatted over the fire with his rain jacket.
  • Chasing after Lions who were in hot pursuit of a Buffalo (The Crater), later having been reprimanded for being in a private area (where the larnies eat)
  • Margie teaching me about the many uses of Sta soft J
  • Storming around Tarangire after sunset trying to find our campsite
  • Mike informing his folks that they were going to take a right to Pepponi while we were on our way to a fancy lodge for a “surprise”…. Getting engaged!!!
  • Crossing the ferry from Dar to Zanzibar, while Gerro nursed Margie through her 1.5 hr sea-sickness onslaught. Margie Claiming later that she was only going to return to Dar by plane or she would remain in Zanzibar forever

Hearing the story about the plane that was provided to take Gerro and Margie safely back to Dar – I am sure Margie considered heading for the ferry for at least 1 second

  • Finding a sushi restaurant in Zanzibar where Gerro experienced his first taste of this fashionable eatery
  • Mike keeping his eye on six Lion while Margie and I whipped up sandwiches at the back of the car
  • A close encounter with Ele at the campsite, he was so close his trunk was sniffing our dashboard while we were hiding on the other side of the car
  • Racking up the largest alcohol bill at Lakeshore Lodge
  • Gerro taking a tumble over a ditch late at night, only to announce that he had not broken any of the bottles and then to stumble over a chair seconds later (Saving the bottles a second time)
  • Heading out on a field trip as we endeavored to find a little town called Kafakule. This was arranged so the Kuipers could meet the families of staff that had worked for them in S.A.  previously. Accompanied by the unfortunate onset of car sickness for Margie

You both spoilt us rotten, sprayed us with main and tail each night so the mozzies were kept at bay, ate all the meals we prepared that Mike added copious amounts of garlic to and made us drink till our livers shivered. Thank you for putting your life on hold to join us on the road and explore many a gravel road!

Arrival to a beautiful setting at the Masai Mara

All fun and games

A little tired of the tsetse flies in Ruaha

The good ole days when we had dry wors and biltong!

Solving Africa’s problems one beer at a time

The great debate… ferry or the plane?





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  1. gerro says:

    What a summary of the most fantastic holiday of our live. We are very happy Bianca that you are part of our family. Lots of love to both of you Gerro Margie

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