A billion reasons to believe in Africa!!!

Coca-cola is running a campaign throughout East and Southern Africa, big billboards run across the entrance  to most towns and cities and in big bold colors it reads “A million reasons to believe in Africa” When you read this you actually start counting all the unbelievable moments we have shared in Africa with people we have met from Africa and all over the world.

In each blog entry I have written, not one has gone without the words: Beautiful, friendliest people, colorful, biggest smiles, interesting conversations (Usually about Malema and Zuma) so much so that I apologise for using the word “Beautiful” because I know I have banged on about that one very often.

Since our first African country, Egypt all the way to where we are now before we take leave for a Christmas break in Mozambique, we have been amazed with just how easy it is to travel in Africa, how safe you always feel, how friendly and genuinely interested people are in your story, how many wonderful people you meet along the road that are doing exactly the same route you are for the fourth time. It’s a journey that has taken Mike and I right to the top and right to the bottom, it has tested us, moulded us and challenged us in every way possible. Throughout our trip we never stopped saying how lucky we were to be doing it, we are so very grateful and will forever cherish this gift as well as forever be in love with Africa, Africans, the smell of nature and thunderstorms, the sound of peace, the feeling of freedom and the ability to learn so much about the gigantic continent we were born in.

We have spoken many times about finding an opportunity somewhere in one of the countries we have visited, moving over, opening a business and living on good old African soil. It is a big dream of ours and I hope that some day in the not too distant future we will make this dream come true.

Every day is a new beginning that starts with us jumping into Thumper and heading off for a new adventure. Everyday has given me an opportunity t be so thankful and enjoy each moment.

I have a million different reasons to believe in Africa and that doesn’t mean that I think it will become a first world country, it means I respect the cultures that exist, their way of life, their attachment to the lands their ancestors once lived on. There is so much to understand about this continent and not one Western ideology will just fit, it needs to mould, understand and for once not exploit

My mum said in passing when we met them in Kenya and it still sits with me today, she said “When you arrive in Africa and walk off the plane, something hits you clean in the face and you feel it, the African spirit” and this is so very true.

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  1. Guys this is such an inspiring piece of writing…

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