There we were… back in Nam

Having left Botswana on such a high, it would certainly be hard for Etosha to try and beat it. However we always know that kind of attitude will always create disappointment.

Having arrived in Namibia certainly feels very different in terms of Africa, with such a low population in Nam, you rarely find yourself surrounded by people and the feeling is totally different. I will try and out this into words in a later blog, but for now I shall stick with our first few days in Nam.

We stayed at some great campsites along our route to the infamous Koakoland. If you read the blog about our Lake Turkana crossing in Kenys then you will understand that this route is not done by many (especially in the rainy season) and if you get stuck out there you will need enough water to wait until the next vehicle comes along to help.

Anyhow, the drive from Katimo Mulillo (Nam border) to Ruacana (The start of Koakoland, was indeed an interesting trip. We stayed at Ngepi campsite right on the Okovango River for two nights and then made our way to Roy’s camp just North of Grootfontein.  Both places were amazing stop off’s for us. The amount of creativity and decor I have seen throughout our trip has certainly rivaled some of the biggest Cities in the world. One certainly comes to mind now, In Ethiopia, Lalibella we went to Ali Baba’s for dinner with a couple we had met en route. The place looked like something that Hagrid (Harry Potter) could have easily settled into.

We were treated to a pool at Roy’s camp and homemade pies for lunch. Mike then decided to bond a little with Thumper while changing the front brake pads. I sat at the pool writing up my blog when suddenly I saw Mike’s face appear with a half smile and a sweaty face. This looked was followed by “I can’t get the last brake pad on” This takes me back to our previous conversation when I asked him if this is something he should be doing, or if we should rather take Thumper to a garage in town and get them to do it, because of course they do this kind of thing everyday. Mike had watched the guys do this a few times and was sure he was up for it.

No one at the camp could help us, after many failed attempts, so we had to wake up at sparrows the next morning and head to Grootfontein  (using the hand break only)  to a guy’s garage that Mike had contacted through the camp. After they fixed our problem they then highlighted that our back brakes needed to be replaced as well but they did not have the parts we needed. We were then on our way to Tsumeb to get the back brakes done. We saw the world’s largest metorite on the way which was pretty cool indeed.

On arrival in Tsumbed we booked the car in at Toyota and were told to come back at 14:00 as everyone was now on lunch. We found a Dros in town and treated ourselves to a lager. Once Thumper was fixed and cleaned up we headed for Eastern Etosha.


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