Flamingo Lagoon – Oman

Flamingo Lagoon

In 2010 we tried to reach Flamingo Lagoon however we only had one vehicle and we were unable to get through to the beach.

So in 2011 we strapped up a bigger team and off we headed. Finally after getting both vehicles stuck on the beach and getting some Omani’s to help us out, we were able to reach our final destination….Flamingo Lagoon.  Flamingo Lagoon is a magnificent area, there is a sand dune that stretches down the coast, the one side you have the sea and the other side there is the lagoon. The highlight is the number of flamingos in the Lagoon. The most bazaar thing about the lagoon is that the lagoon appears out of nowhere the surrounding area is incredibly barren with very few shrubs around.

The above shot was taken at sun rise but unfortunately I did not have my zoom lens so all attempts to get the Flamingos in shot was absolutely pointless, lesson learnt!!


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  1. Our African Footprint says:

    It is, we really love this stretch of Oman!!!

  2. GERRO says:

    what a fantastic place sorry we could not join you hopefully next time

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