Ethiopia – Eritrea Border……Potential Problems

Ethiopia - Afar District

5 Tourists have just been killed on the Ethiopian side of the Eritrian border. Now this is also not a complete surprise the border area is a complete mess. The entire border has been closed for a number of years since Eritrea declared its independence and in effect left Ethiopia land locked. Now it is a surprise tourists were targeted, for a change, previous incidents involving foreign tourists were in 2004 when a French tourist disappeared and in 2007 when European tourists were kidnapped and later released.

How does this effect us? Well this latest incident happened in the Afar region, when the tourists were visiting the Erte Ale Volcano. Apparently an amazing site but one needs special approval from the Ethiopian government in order to enter this region, this is probably due to the high risk and military conflict along the border.

We will need to keep up to date with the British Foreign Office and see if their warnings cover a any of the areas we wish to travel too.


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  1. Irene Proimos says:

    Wow. hectic. If you need me to do any investigating just hola at me guys. Safe travels! cant believe its only been 27 days!

    • Our African Footprint says:

      Don’t stress we won’t be going near there, our areas are all pretty safe

      • Vincent says:

        Hi Bianc’s and Mike,
        I have just receive the link today.
        Firstly, I take my hat off to you two for being so adventurous. It is fantastic.
        Well done
        Glad to hear all has gone well thus far and pray it continues.
        Bianc’s, well done on accepting one for the girls.
        Mike, pity you let the busses pass you. I bet Thumper was not hasppy with his Master.
        I know it is difficult taking pics, but the ones taken so far are great, so keep up the work on trying to click, click away and post on the web.

        • Bianca says:

          Uncle Vinny – so good to hear from you and see that you have been reading the blogs and taking in the photo’s. We really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy more and more as we go on!!! Lot’s of love. B x

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