Certainly room for improvement

Poitjie Surprise

With the first Oman recce done, my feedback on culinary delights for Africa leaves me with one simple thought – There is certainly room for improvement.

Whoever said baking a loaf of bread on a camping trip was easy, must be a master chef at home. It was not as easy as I thought. Alas I attempted it still and the recipe needs a bit of tweaking, so with the bread status at “OK, could be better” we move onto the poitjie. I chose a recipe that sounded interesting but a little too adventurous maybe. The ingredients were dodgy, simple as that. Once the bread dough hit the coals, we started up the pork fillet poitjie.
We were joined by two Omani locals (Mohammed and Saeed) shortly after we started making our “poitjie surprise” They both joined us around the fire and were quite relieved they were not staying for dinner due to the amount of time the cooking process takes, and thankfully for that because I don’t think they would have been too impressed when we whipped out spoonfuls of pork! An ice breaker p’haps. Saeed entertained us around the fire with his Omani guitar (Oud) and forced me to sing them a song – when under pressure resort to something safe – I proceeded to belt out my very own version of “Twinkle twinkle little star” not one of my proudest renditions. Mike could have at least added in a few shoo wop backing tunes for me….but he remained silent, to avoid being picked on next.
Back to the food – Saeed and Mohammed said their goodbyes and headed off, and we tucked into the poitjie and bread. In short, the pork fillet recipe will be removed from the recipe book for good and the memory left at Snorkel bay on Masirah Island.
Needless to say, we made two new friends in Oman, Voila!
Hopefully our Dubai friends can crit the next poitjie soon! Stay tuned

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