Oman prep 1 – In the bag

Take 1

We set off with thumper on the first preparation trip and headed for Masirah island in Oman. Instead of moving around a lot we decided to find “Snorkel bay” and set up camp for four days so we could also take some time to relax, snorkel, take photo’s and talk through all the things we still needed to get done.

Thumper had been at Icon Auto (4×4 accessories) the week prior to us leaving to get a larger fuel tank installed, a roof rack and awning fitted as well as get some brand new suspension toys and shocks! So she was ready to take on any dirt road that came her way. Thank goodness for the awning – winter in Dubai and Oman still calls on a high of 27 degrees…… it’s real tough! However when you weren’t in the sun, the wind was quite chilly – what to do?

Pumping up 3 tyres

We got some great shots of Thumper and the gang for the website and the press releases ITP have offered to contribute in order to raise awareness for the charities we have chosen. Among all of that we have come back with a page of “Lessons learnt” and are putting that all into action. Oman recce no 2 will be done in Feb and we hope to have this all set up so we can really hammer down on the last minute changes we need to make to packing, food, space, extra water, an accurate fuel gage and lastly how well Thumper takes to the open road (I say lastly, because she is the least of our worries)

Our compressor also broke on the second last day as we got back onto the main road to pump the tires back up, thankfully we had inflated three tires before she took a turn for the worst. The spare tire was put to good use and once we returned to the mainland we took care of the  flat tire. So new compressor is on the list of purchases and hopefully we can get our current  one fixed and have that as a back up.

Visa’s, visa’s, visa’s – This is the next big one on the list as well as spare parts for the car – We both have our hands full!





2 Responses to “Oman prep 1 – In the bag”

  1. Stan says:

    How is it Mike?. I’m really interested in joining you for the Saudi leg as i really think this will be a highlight….I’d love to give up precious work leave to join you in this long leg of desert driving

    • Our African Footprint says:

      It really is amazing!!! It is an epic adventure across the Saudi desert. We will stay in the highland hub of Riyadh and then we will move on to the sea side city of Jeddah and finally take the scenic road along the red sea to Jordan.

      This is truly an awesome experience and a 3 day adventure I am sure nobody will forget!!!

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