Last chance: Oman recce No.2 done

With our last recce complete, we  find ourselves on the road to “ALMOST THERE”. Mike worked very hard at building us our very own set of roller drawers for the back of the vehicle. this will help with getting rid of a lot of the stuff that took up a lot of space and was hardly used, yet essential to have.

Roller drawers Voila!

Ready steady.... Go!!!

Mike hard at work







Miracle Bay - Masirah

Off we set for Masirah island where we were blessed with great weather, some good snorkeling and a successful attempt in the kitchen (Read bush recipes).

We then made our way to a spot we have heard loads about from family friends – Cool beach.

Cool beach, is a stretch of coast line that runs for miles and is truly spectacular. We got to drive on the beach for most of the way until we found our spot to set up camp.

For our last night we headed to Wadi Al Suwayh and camped right by a waterfall that fell into pools of turquoise water – The picture below does not do it justice.

Beautiful Wadi in Oman - Wadi Al Suwayh







With this trip done, we have only a few big things to tick off the list. We are  80% of the way ready to depart 1 April…… well, that just wouldn’t be right to leave on  April fools day, so shortly after that Mike will head for Saudi. Our farewell drinks will happen just before that. We will send a shout-out to you all our friends in Dubai for a farewell drink.


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