Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia


Saudi, Saudi, Saudi……………….

I won’t forget a quote from the Saudi King in 1930 –  “My Kingdom will survive only insofar as it remains a country difficult to access, where the foreigner will have no other aim, with his task fulfilled, but to get out.” — King Abdul Aziz bin Saud, c. 1930

Need we say more!!! After asking numerous friends about joining me I am yet to find anyone who is interested. Stan offered but then backed out due a “shortage of leave”…… So I leave on Wednesday the 4th April, things have to work out perfectly as I have 72 hours to cross Saudi and with the car fully loaded I won’t be going at any rate of knots.

The plan in a nut shell:

  • Head to the UAE / Saudi border on Wednesday and find somewhere to crash at the border for the night
  • Cross the border first thing in the morning and pray that all goes smoothly. Slightly worried they could ask me to unpack the car so they can search it, this could take up to 6 hours and this would be eating into the valuable 72 hour transit visa.
  • From here there are three routes. 1 – through Dammam and along the Iraqi border to Jordan, 2 – through Riyadh and a direct line to Jordan or 3 – through Riyadh, then Jeddah and finally up along the red Sea to Jordan. I wanted to do the last option but the coastal road is rather far from the sea unfortunately. Option 1 or 2 will depend on A the distance to each sleep over spot and B the time it takes me to get through the border.


Lets hope all goes well!!!! I am looking forward to picking B up in Jordan, pity she is only doing 98% of the journey:-)



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