National Parks




National Park Rating Time of year visited Public Campsites Big things we saw Comment
Simien  Mountains NP  4 May-12 (2 nights) The worst we’ve had Scenery & Gelada Monkeys Cold and poor campsites with annoying scouts.SPECTACULAR views!!!




National Park Rating Time of year visited Public Campsites Big things we saw Comment
Sibloi NP 1 May-12  (1 night) Ok, flying insects at crocodile corner Lake Turkana, zebra, antelope. You have to pay the parks fees so drive through the park
Meru NP 3 Jun-12  (2 nights) Excellent Buffalo, Elephant, Cheetah You’ll be the only ones there, we loved exploring the park
Aberdare NP 3 Jun-12  (2 nights) Good Facilities, very enclosed within jungle Elephant, Buffalo & Leopard You don’t see much in the jungles but the animals are really close to the car in the jungle clearings.
Tsavo East NP 2 Jun-12 N/A (Drove through to Malindi) Elephant & Buffalo Drove through it to get to Malindi. Didn’t see to much
Amboseli NP 3 Jun-12   (1 night) Wardens lead us to the wrong campsite which was a shocker,  Kimana Public Campsite Elephant, Buffalo & Serval with kittens You see loads of Elephants and the view of Kilimanjaro are excellent.
Lake Nakuru NP 3 Jul-12 N/A (Day trip) White Rhino, amazing bird life Best in dry season, go for bird life & Rhinos
Massai Mara 5 Sep-12   (2 nights) Good Facilities and great locations Wildebeest crossing the Mara river, Lion, Elephant & Buffalo I wouldn’t go to the Eastern side again as there was very little game. The Mara Triangle in the West had far more on offer and we enjoyed it a lot more




Tanzania has by far the best parks, I would recommend spending the bulk of your time in these parks, especially Katavi, Ruaha and Tarangire (even better in the dry season)!!

National Park Rating Time of year visited Public Campistes Big things we saw Comment
Serengeti NP 4 Jul-12    (3 nights) Shocking, camping in parking lot 6 Leopards, Cheetah with 4 cubs, lions mating…. 5 Star wildlife1 Star administration and camping facilities
Tarangire NP 5 Sep-12   (2 nights) Excellent, just make sure you can park in the old section Lions making a near kill, baby Elephant chasing Lions up a tree The dry season makes this park one of our best, we loved every minute and saw amazing things
Lake Manyara NP 2 Sep-12 N/A Nothing Go in the wet season, the water is to far away in the dry season
Ngorongoro NP 5 Sep-12 N/A 34 Lion, Black Rhino, Huge tusked Elephants Amazing, worth every cent. We will definitely go back
Selous Game Reserve 2 Sep-12   (2 nights) Very basic Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Lion yaking down a baby Impala Poaching or hunting is an issue as all animals run at first sight of a vehicle. At USD260 for 1 night camping for 2 people is the biggest rip-off in Africa
Ruaha NP 5 Sep-12   (4 nights) Fantastic, excellent facilities and unbeatable location To many Lion, Elephant, Buffalo. A number of Lion stalking Impala The best park in Africa. In the dry season this park is unbelievable, you don’t need to leave the campsite as we saw a total of 20 lion and 9 at one time. Elephant, Giraffe, buck, Jackal & Hyena come through the camp
Katavi NP 5 Sep-12   (4 nights) No existent Lion being chased by Elephant and Buffalo, Elephant, big herds Buffalo and huge pods of Hippo Remote & wild!!! In the dry season, pods of up to 500 Hippo fight for a space in the ponds, Lion lye in wait for passing animals. Bring everything as you need to be self-sufficient, campsite is just under a random tree.




If you have a website and have a website or blog sticker on the side of you car, try convince the National Park’s people at the gates that you are a tour group. We landed up paying USD100 instead of the listed USD150

National Park Rating Time of year visited Public Campsites Big things we saw Comment
Kidepo NP 4 Jul-12     (2 nights) Great location, basic facilities Lion, Buffalo, Elephant & Lion in campsite Long grass prevented us seeing much but apparently the park is spectacular from Dec-Apr. Scenery is amazing and definitely somewhere we will go again.
Murchison Falls NP 3 Jul-12     (4 nights) Wild Camping is worthwhile, Red Chilli is a dump Buffalo, Elephant, Giraffe (rumored to have plenty of predators, we heard none at night. We did hear an animal cry for 3 hours whilst caught in a snare, we say the poachers collecting the meat first thing in the morning, nobody seemed to care) Overpriced, wildcamping is a must, animals have been maimed by poaching with snares. We say 3 Elephants without trunks and a number of animals with 3 legs.
Kibale NP 3 Aug-12 N/A (day trip) Chimps Worthwhile for the chimps but there are so many people and everyone clambering over every bush to take their photo. Badly organized!!




National Park Rating Time of year visited Public Campsites Big things we saw Comment
Nyike National Park 2 Oct-12    (1 night) Nice and clean facilities Roan Not worth it if you are going to other parks outside Malawi




National Park Rating Time of year visited Public Campsites Big things we saw Comment
South Luangwa 4 Nov-12    (3 nights) Stayed outside the park at Tracks & Trail which was amazing Leopard, Lion, Elephant & Buffalo It rained for three days before we got there, it was flooded and most of the roads were inaccessible. It is a fantastic park and one we need to go to again.
Lower Zambezi 3 Nov-12   (4 nights) We stayed outside at the community campsite, we loved it here Lion, Elephant & Buffalo Poaching is a problem as the Elephants hate cars and the thick bush creates a number of nervous encounters
Southern Kafue 2 Nov-12   (2 night) Everything was closed so we bush camped in the park Elephant, Puku Over poached or hunted and there is not much game other then just south of the main road
Northern Kafue 4 Nov-12   (2 nights) No camping allowed so we bushcamped, the park still charges you for camping even though the is no campsite Wild Dog, Roan, Buffalo & Elephant Absolutely beautiful and well worth the trip. Just bush camp or camp outside the park on the western boundary road.
Luiwa Plains 4 Nov-12   (3 nights) Lyango, all the campsites are identical. Good shade trees but has flies Buffalo, Hyena, wattled cranes A breathtakingly beautiful park!!!! Not much game but the bird life is amazing and they seem to be getting the park back on track.




National Park Rating Time of year visited Public Campsites Big things we saw Comment
Hwange NP 3 Dec-12   (2 nights) Robins camp fantastic and cared for. Sinamatella has epic views over the area Sable, Buffalo, Elephant and Lion Go between June and October, we went in December and there are no animals to be seen, you drive for hours and then you see one animal, we were lucky!! The animals are skittish at Robins because of hunting and all the rangers recommend Sinamatella
Matopos NP 3 Dec-12 N/A Klipspringer Amazing views, definitely worth a day trip




National Park Rating Time of year visited Public Campsites Big things we saw Comment
Lekhubu Island NP 3 Dec-12   (1 night) Basic but perfect Springbuck & Ostriches Very scenic!! Recommended to visit for sunrises and sunsets, so time your journey well!!!
Kalahari NP 4 Dec-12   (4 nights) Excellent Lions mating, bat eared foxes chasing honey badgers from there den and pups. Amazing park!! We will come again, maybe when it’s cooler.
Nxai Pan NP 2 Dec-12   (2 nights) Excellent Springbucks dropping their calves Not much else at this time of year, apparently all the animals were waiting for the rains further South
Moremi NP 3 Jan-13    (3 nights) Excellent 2 Elephant, Hippo, Wildebeest Scenic but wrong time of year to go as bush is to dense
Chobe NP 5 Jan-13    (2 nights) Savuti – Excellent Lots of Elephant, Big herds Buffalo, Lion, Honey Badger & Porcupine Unbelievable park, bush isn’t dense at this time of year. The wildlife is prolific at this time of year
Chobe NP 4 Jan-13    (2 nights) Ihaha – Excellent Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, pack of 20 Wild Dog feeding on Impala & large heard of Sable Unbelievable park, bush isn’t dense at this time of year. Seemed to rain none stop but game was out on every corner




National Park Rating Time of year visited Public Campsites Big things we saw Comment
Susuwe Triangle 2 Jan-12    (1 Night) Nambwa – Excellent Elephant, Hippo, Pygmy Goose Scenic but more worthwhile as an overnight stop
Etosha NP 3 Jan-12    (1 Night) Namutoni – Good Lion, Elephant, lots of Flamingoes If there is water in the pan then this is the best place to see it.
Etosha NP 2 Jan-12    (1 Night) Halali – Very dated Springbok Thick bush and not much to see
Etosha NP 3 Jan-12    (1 Night) Okaukuejo – Excellent Lion on kill, Black Rhino Best floodlit waterhole, should have stayed longer
Etosha NP 3 Jan-12    (1 Night) Dolomite Camp – Excellent Elephant Scenic, perched on top of the only mountain in the region, you see large herds of game all over the plains. Bush is to thick to see game from the road except and waterholes.
Namib-Naukluft 4 Feb-12    (1 Night) Ganab Camp Gemsbok, Zebra, Ostrich Waterhole really comes alive at night
Namib-Naukluft 3 Feb-12    (1 Night) Blutkuppe N/A Beautiful rocks and great shade trees
Namib-Naukluft 3 Feb-12    (1 Night) Goanikontes N/A Nice place to stop while seeing the various sites around
Namib-Naukluft 4 Feb-12    (1 Night) Vogelfederberg N/A Amazing views over the desert
Namib-Naukluft 2 Feb-12    (1 Night) Kusseb Canyon N/A Poor camping site, try camp in the riverbed instead



South Africa

National Park Rating Time of year visited Public Campsites Big things we saw Comment
Kalahari Gemsbok NP 2 Mar-12   (1 Night) Mata-Mata Lion cubs, Springbok Drought, animals have migrated out of riverbeds. Too many cars
Kalahari Gemsbok NP 2 Mar-12   (1 Night) Nossob Lion Drought, animals have migrated out of riverbeds. Too many cars
Kalahari Gemsbok NP 2 Mar-12   (1 Night) Two Rivers Springbok Drought, animals have migrated out of riverbeds. Too many cars