Thumper & The Gang

This travel dream was born in the wee small hours of the morning in 2009. We knew that if we did not do this now, then we would never have such an opportunity to embark on such a brilliant journey. All we needed was a savings plan, from thereon everything else is history.

The Gang

The “trio” is made up of Bianca, Mike and our faithful ole steed – Thumper. During this trip we will drive through 17 countries, along the 7 great lakes of Africa……..does that not make the hair on the back of your neck go crazy? It does this to us and we simply cannot wait.

This journey will take us roughly 8 months and already I am being told by Mike that I will only be doing  98% of the trip, that is because only he can drive through Saudi Arabia (not hitched yet – terrible excuse, the boys of today tut tut).

We really consider ourselves to be very lucky to be doing this, so we have come up with an  idea to raise money for a charity in Dubai, without Dubai we would never have been able to save enough money to do this, and then two other African charities which address education and community development. This is where we get to leave our footprint, while we travel through a continent torn apart by natural disasters, war and poverty. Being good old Saffas, it’s certainly the land we love.


Accommodation is our humble roof top tent, so here’s to creaky backs initially, until the rock hard mattress serves as an ideal resting place. Occasionally we will head for the coast and pull into a beach bungalow to rest our heads and stretch the legs and of course to give Thumper a well-deserved wash and refuelling.

We will share our experiences of Africa’s wonderment and peculiarities with all of you by exploring extraordinary places, leaving with cultural understanding (Mike not so much…jokes!), friendships and a lifetime of memories. Our journey will be documented on our website with updates whenever possible, photography, bush recipes and amateur video footage of all the classic moments (if I grab the camera in time, I promise you I will try)

So Mike will start off from Dubai and head for Saudi Arabia, he has three days to drive through the country and get to the Jordanian border. It is here that I will meet up with him and my 98% starts….Yipeeee! We will stock up on in Jordan, maybe head on for some diving in the Aqaba and then cross into Egypt, once we hit Africa the journey really starts.