Lingo Used On The Road

Thumper: Our noble steed – Land Cruiser 76 series

Il Capitano: Mike

The spy: handicam (B’s christmas pressie)

African TV: Campfire

Babbalas: hangover

Braai: Aussie for “Shrimp on the barbe”

Gesondheid: Cheers

Howzit: How are you?

Boggy: An unpleasant situation, like leaving your wallet behind

Poitjie: Cast iron pot on the hot coals, making som’in yummy

Lekker: Very nice

Now Now / Just now: any length of time from shortly to maybe tomorrow

Padkos: Homemade food for the road

Roadie: Just one more drink before we head….. never happens!

Schlep: A mission of mass proportion, i suspect frequently used when crossing African borders

Fist me: bumping knuckles similar to a “high five”

Ten passed thirsty: Time to have a drink

Jumbo: Hello (Swahili)

Karibu: Welcome (Swahili)

Intsha’alla: If God wills it

Yella: Let’s go

Gallas: Enough / finished