Carnet Du Passage

The Carnet is a hassle in Dubai…..well that depends as to whether you have a visa or not. Generally speaking when you are applying for one you have a visa as you are employed but once you resign your visa is cancelled and so your Carnet becomes invalid. How do you get around this?????? There are two options:

  • If the AA in the UAE will not give you one because of the residency issue then you need them to write a letter to the AA in your home country and then they will supply you with one. For us this would be South Africa, they are really helpfully and will help you through the entire process. Their website is:
  • You can apply for a Carnet in Dubai, get all the required documents and visas, once you have this then you can travel as you wish. The Carnet is a customs document and is in no way linked to your passport, therefore you will not be asked for your residency permit whilst abroad. Speak to Ravi at the AA, he is incredibly helpful!! Their website is: We  never had any questions and even got an extension to our carnet without any visa questions from Dubai


Vehicle Insurance

Clements vehicle insurance was the cheapest fully inclusive insurance we could get


Medical Insurance

Columbus medical insurance covered all our needs in Africa, they have ISOS medical evacuations if needed



Visas, visas, visas……the admin. We are planning to get most of our visas in Africa. However we need to get the following before we go:

  • Saudi – what a mess, you get a 72 hour transit visa. Only I can get this due to the fact that B and I aren’t married, B isn’t allowed to drive in Saudi and B would have needed to be accompanied by a family member…..unfortunately none of them want to drive through Saudi!!!
  • Jordan and Egypt should be easy
  • Sudan, you can get this in Cairo but we would like to have it before hand in case there are any demonstrations in Cairo, you can also get this visa in Aswan.
  • Multi-entry Ethiopian visa, we need this so that we can visit Djibouti. But the Ethiopian visa is valid for 3 months so we will need to get this at the last minute. You can get this visa in Sudan however it is more complicated in Kenya