What Time to Leave??

This is probably the biggest question we had. The number one thing that we scratched our head the most about was malaria. Bianca really cannot get malaria due to her medical history and thus it was imperative that we solved this issue first!!! It is never really ever solved but our plan is to mitigate the risk as much as possible.

Two excellent sites we found that offered research on malaria in Africa were:


These guys are excellent and basically forecast malaria based on rainfall, therefore the lower the risk when the lower the rainfall.


These guys look at malaria cases and forecast the risk of malaria based off actual recorded malaria cases.


Thus after reviewing the above to sites we were able to determine where the really high risk areas are and then at which season the risk was the highest. We also mapped out the rainfall by month in various parts of each country and our aim was to travel through that area during the driest month of the year. Below is a summarized version of the file we used:

Rainfall Research (Click the link, it’ll take you to a new page and then hover your curser below rainfall research and you’ll see the link, for some reason it keeps showing up in a white font)

The only countries we have a problem with is in Ethiopia and Kenya where the rainfall is all year round but otherwise if we leave in April and generally follow our time line we should lower the risk of malaria substantially.

The other added benefit of going in the driest season is that all the game surrounds the waterholes and the bush isn’t as dense so we should see plenty of game:-)