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Farewell to The Kuipers…

We knew this day would come but when it finally arrived we weren’t ready to let go. Margie and Gerro drove up from S.A. to join us on the road for just over a month and a half. We all met up in Mwanza, Bruce (Mike’s brother) included and our first adenture was crossing the […]

Lake shore Lodge – tootsies up on our favourite lake – Tangas!

Lake shore Lodge Well well well we have arrived. In the middle of nowhere (Western Tanzania). We found a little piece of heaven on earth – Lakeshore Lodge, this is a must if you have a trip in mind to visit either Katavi or Mahale N.P.’s. It is breathtakingly beautiful!!! And it’s right on Lake […]

Nothing beats Katavi!!!!

After a gruelling 12 hour mission we finally got to Katavi and were blown away!!!!    

Last of Tanzanian Parks… we saved the best for last!

Katavi The road getting to Katavi is long, hard and slow, it utilises all your senses to make one hell of an impression on any traveler heading out that way. At this time of the year, mere puddles of water remain and the number of Hippo in the park dominate almost every inch of them. […]

Incredible Ruaha

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! Ruaha is spectacular during the dry season, all the game concentrates on the waters edge and you are guaranteed seeing Lions from your campsite on each day and you will have Ele’s in your camp!!!!  

Southern Parks continue

Ruaha N.P. Every expat living in Tanzania says this is their favourite park, so we set off with high spirits, as usual. Firstly we had the best campsite, it was right on the bank of what little water remained in the Ruaha River – This is the main artery of the park that supplies all […]

Southern Tanzanian Parks

With all the Northern parks done, we set of for a new chapter, a chapter that we hope will be more intriguing than any other parks we have been to todate. We have heard from so many people that the three big Southern parks will outshine the commercial parks in the North by leaps and […]

Selous National Park

Sad to see a fantastic park being poached to pieces!!!! Game scatters at the first sight of a car!!! Would we go here again….No….expensive and sad to see a park in decline!!!

Our Magical Day

Our Magical day couldn’t have been any better!!!  

Saadani Safari Lodge – This is where Mike’s knee gave way

I thought we were all heading to Peponi, a nice beach campsite to reminisce about the great things we had seen in the Northern Tanzanian parks. However I was not alone as Margie and Gerro were under the same impression, but we lost them somewhere along the way after Mike had a chat with them […]

The Mighty Ngorongoro

Much talked about being a rip-off but we loved every minute and thought it was worth every cent!!!!  

Tarangire – The Chase

Lions lined the entire Tarangire river so it was inevitable we would see some action…..   The highlight was a little Elephant that had lost its mom, stood its ground all afternoon however the Lions knew that once night fell the tables would turn.  


Tarangire was absolutely amazing!!! Far into the dry season the park was dry with only one water source…..the game we saw was amazing!!! If you want to see the near kills….then wait for the next post:)


Time-out…feet-up…….beach, water and a good book. Even better fresh water…..mmmmm no salt