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Sessee Islands Apart from the journey getting there, it’s all worth it. We found a great campsite at a resort and spent two days staring at Lake Victoria which is simply spectacular. Along with the great lake is the whitest beach sand and bird life abound. We whipped up a great poitjie on our last […]

Sesse Islands

A dream come to….Lake Victoria!!! Wow, the beach was amazing, we loved it here!!!


Chimp trekking was awesome except for the wild Germans in our group pushing everyone over trying to take the prime spots. Got these after having to shoot through holes in the bushes while everyone clambered over each other to get better shots   View from the crater lakes around Kibale NP at mid-night

Murchison Falls NP

Our Home

One word to some up Murchison………..Poaching and nobody cares. You tell the rangers and they don’t seem to take an interest. We wild camped on the delta, 30km from the nearest legal person in the park, which was awesome. They say you need a guard for the animals but you need it for the poachers!!!! […]

Uganda – Grade 5 White waters and then Heaven…

So quickly out of Kenya and into a new dimension. Can I just say, every country you drive into looks better and better as you work your way South. That’s why S.A. is the best 🙂 We have only just arrived but driving into the country already feels so good, everything is green and the […]

Magical Kidepo

Mr Lion

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!! Magical, we got there in the rainy season which is the worst time and loved it. I recon if you come here between December and April it would be unbelievable.\   Highlight would definitely be the Lion in our camp!!!!

Out and About in Uganda

View from Lunch at The Haven on the Nile

Some of these pics were taken whilst we were on the road over the first few days in Uganda. We stayed a few nights at the Haven in Jinja and enjoyed a bit of luxury before hitting the parks in Uganda.