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Lake Turkana

Bush Camping

What an amazing place and adventure. Would I do it again, YES, would I do it again by ourselves again, YES!!! If it rained this area would be a nightmare but luckily it didn’t. One note if you were to do it, don’t go via North Horr but rather along the lake between Loiyangalani and […]

Hammer Child progressing to Adulthood


News of a Hammer ceremony spread and we were in……. where…….30km north of Turmi and a 5km walk into the bush!!! The previous night was the famed jumping of the bulls where the women beat their backs, cutting their skin from the lashes to show their commitment to the tribe. The boy who is going […]

Hammer Village

Innovative Kids

We managed to go to one of the local markets and it was incredibly interesting. Everyone haggling for the lowest price….we just realized we had been over paying for things….no problem it wasn’t to much more. The Hamer tribe seem to be the only tribe who always dress in their local dress and as it […]

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly’s along the road

The road to the Mursi villages had hundreds of butterflies. This was taken at one of the water puddles  

Lake Shala & Lake Chitu

Doding Mud at the hot springs

After missioning for 20km and throwing up a powder type dust over all the villagers along the way we finally got to Lake Shala & Chitu. A Park Ranger took us down to the lake side and allowed us to pick our tree along the water edge, where we camped for the night. At night […]

Southern Ethiopia – The Cultural Journey

Mursi Village

Lake Langano After a few days in the city we were very happy to leave and head for a few quiet places around the Lakes in the South. Lake Langano was just what we needed on our first stop. Marthe and Joris were staying there too and they greeted us with big smiles as they […]

Lake Hayk

Battle of the beasts

What an amazing morning around Lake Hayk, the bird life around the lake was amazing. I think we needed it after a messy night with the hotel manager playing all his reggae music!!! Awesome!!!  

Out and About

On route

Some pics from along the route  

Churches of Lalibella

St Georges Church, carved into the rock

The Lalilbella churches are world renowned. Lalibella church complex consists of 11 churches which are all linked by walk ways together. What they did was to cut through the granite downwards and then carve out the church. All churches consist of no joins or seperate pieces of rock.    

Tigray Rock Hewn Churches

Tigray Rock Hewn Churches

The churches in the Tigray region are carved out of the rock and were often at the top of mountains, enduring 2.5 hour walks to the top. Here are extracts for one that included scaling a 5m cliff face and a walk along a ledge with a 200m drop below  

Northern Ethiopia – Land of plenty, accompanied by shouts of “Faranji”

Tim & Kim’s First spot – Tim & Kim’s …… what is left to be said about this “little piece of heaven on earth” Tim and Kim are a Dutch couple who back-packed through Africa 17 years ago and when they arrived in goragora they were blown away by the beauty that surrounded them. 12 […]

Most Inquisitive Gelada Baboon


We spent 3 days in the Simien mountains and on our last camp we came across this troop of Gelada’s that seemed to be very interested in us. B & I sneaked up to this one baboon and watch it as it played with a little one. UNTIL……….she saw her’s reflection in my lens. She […]

Gelada Aggression

Pure Aggression

After sex camp (the previous post) the aggression amongst the Gelada’s increased. This was more because a few of them were batting above their rank and had been sneaking a few shags around the corner. This all changed when the Troop Leaders found out.   An epic battle between the baboons.   Every wrong doer […]

Gelada Sex Camp

Little more

Things seem to get a little carried away when you have an amazing view, fantastic foraging and gorgeous Geladas around. Perhaps these are our closest relatives??????      

Gelada Baboons

Male Gelada Baboon

Gelada Baboons are only found in Ethiopia. The amazing thing is that you can go and sit amongst them as they foraging for food. Here are a few pics of the mail Geladas.  

Ethiopia – Eritrea Border……Potential Problems

5 Tourists have just been killed on the Ethiopian side of the Eritrian border. Now this is also not a complete surprise the border area is a complete mess. The entire border has been closed for a number of years since Eritrea declared its independence and in effect left Ethiopia land locked. Now it is a […]