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WOW… beautiful. The contrasting colours make this place amazing!!  

Sandwich Harbour


No trip to Swakopmund is complete without a visit to Sandwich Harbour!!  

Twyfelfontein to Brandberg

Sporting a new fashion B???

An interesting journey to Brandberg but not much to say about the sites on the way  

Puros and being stuck

She is in pretty deep

Puros……some water after days of dry terrain!!! Well I am sure we hoped the canyon was drier     Into the canyon where we got stuck

Koakoland – A 4×4’s best friend

What a legend after being smacked by Jack

  Wow! From the most spectacular waterfall (Epupa Falls) intrepid mountain passes (Van Zyl’s pass), through valleys (Marienfluss and Hartmans) with undergound rivers, up and around sand dunes, through river beds and inside huge canyons, Koakoland can capture the mind of everyone who is willing to to do this route through Northern Namibia. We met […]

Amazing Hartman’s Valley

Hartmans Valley....need we say more

If we thought it couldn’t get any better we came across the Hartman’s Valley. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!  

Marienfluss Valley


Well we thought this was pretty spectacular!!!  

The Dreaded Van Zyl’s Pass


After much planning we finally went down it. 3.5 Hours later and 11km down we were at the bottom  


Feeding Fez in our campsite

As I said we have seen some pretty darm impressive game in Africa thus far, but we knew we were at Etosha out of season and the game would be very spread out. We still saw A male Lion and two Lionesses digging into a Gemsbok right on the side of the road, Kudu, one […]

Epupa Falls

Epupa Falls

Stunning Epupa falls…..this should be on every itinerary!!!  

Ruacana to Epupa Falls

Kunene River Lodge

Dolomite…..THANKS BRUCE!!!!

View from our room

WOW thanks for the Engagement and Christmas Pressie!!!! We absolutely loved it here  

There we were… back in Nam

The largest Meteorite in the world

Having left Botswana on such a high, it would certainly be hard for Etosha to try and beat it. However we always know that kind of attitude will always create disappointment. Having arrived in Namibia certainly feels very different in terms of Africa, with such a low population in Nam, you rarely find yourself surrounded […]



Etosha….probably not the best time of year to go, yet we still had a great time!!        



Not much to see here but no less beautiful