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Contemplating the road ahead

Contemplating the final few days before we head off. There are so many things we’ll miss in Dubai and so many things to look forward too!!

Cheese and onion bread – on the coals

First night at cool beach I decided to add some of the lovely cheese we had to our bread dough, along with some chopped onion – It was superb!!! This recipe is definitely going into our African recipe book. I do  hope we will get our hands on some cheese along the way. If cheese […]

Last chance: Oman recce No.2 done

With our last recce complete, we  find ourselves on the road to “ALMOST THERE”. Mike worked very hard at building us our very own set of roller drawers for the back of the vehicle. this will help with getting rid of a lot of the stuff that took up a lot of space and was hardly […]

Cool Beach

After trying to reach this a number of times…..probably more due to the lack of getting the co-ordinates. We eventually got the right details and headed down that way and this is a taste of what we experienced….          

Miracle Bay – A place like nowhere else

Miracle Bay

Miracle Bay   Miracle Bay is situated on Masirah Island and is somewhere we love going on holiday. There isn’t a person around for 20 miles, the snorkelling is amazing around the rocks and there is hardly a breath of wind which makes the holiday even more pleasurable. The night sky on the island is […]

Oman prep 1 – In the bag

We set off with thumper on the first preparation trip and headed for Masirah island in Oman. Instead of moving around a lot we decided to find “Snorkel bay” and set up camp for four days so we could also take some time to relax, snorkel, take photo’s and talk through all the things we […]

Certainly room for improvement

With the first Oman recce done, my feedback on culinary delights for Africa leaves me with one simple thought – There is certainly room for improvement. Whoever said baking a loaf of bread on a camping trip was easy, must be a master chef at home. It was not as easy as I thought. Alas […]

How a Camel Stands – Oman

If you have ever wondered how a camel stands…..this is the answer. After leopard crawling and sneaking up wind the camel finally got wind of me and decided enough was enough and proceeded to move off. The amazing thing about Oman is that there are no villages for 100’s of kilometres and no fences around […]

Flamingo Lagoon – Oman

In 2010 we tried to reach Flamingo Lagoon however we only had one vehicle and we were unable to get through to the beach. So in 2011 we strapped up a bigger team and off we headed. Finally after getting both vehicles stuck on the beach and getting some Omani’s to help us out, we […]