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WOW… beautiful. The contrasting colours make this place amazing!!  

Sandwich Harbour

No trip to Swakopmund is complete without a visit to Sandwich Harbour!!  

Twyfelfontein to Brandberg

An interesting journey to Brandberg but not much to say about the sites on the way  

Puros and being stuck

Puros……some water after days of dry terrain!!! Well I am sure we hoped the canyon was drier     Into the canyon where we got stuck

Amazing Hartman’s Valley

If we thought it couldn’t get any better we came across the Hartman’s Valley. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!  

Marienfluss Valley

Well we thought this was pretty spectacular!!!  

The Dreaded Van Zyl’s Pass

After much planning we finally went down it. 3.5 Hours later and 11km down we were at the bottom  

Epupa Falls

Stunning Epupa falls…..this should be on every itinerary!!!  

Ruacana to Epupa Falls

Dolomite…..THANKS BRUCE!!!!

WOW thanks for the Engagement and Christmas Pressie!!!! We absolutely loved it here  


Etosha….probably not the best time of year to go, yet we still had a great time!!        


Not much to see here but no less beautiful


If we thought Savuti was good then Chobe was in a different league!!!!! Add Savuti and Chobe to any Botswana Summer itinerary!!!!  

Savuti…….mind blowing!!!!

Things just could never have been better in Savuti. If you ever were wondering about coming to this region at this time of year…..then go to SAVUTI!!!!!!      

Moremi NP

  Moremi….pure beauty at this time of year,  just a pity there were no animals!!!  

Nxai Pan & Baines Baobab

If yo want to see Springbok dropping their calves….December is the season to go

Kalahari……need we say more!!!

If you’re going…head to Pipers Pan it’s EPIC!!!

Kubu Island

    WOW we were lucky, we managed to sneak in just before the rains!!!

Hwange & Matopos

Worth the stop in Bob’s playground!!!  

Vic Falls

  The ever beautiful VIC FALLS. We went at the end of the dry season so unfortunately the falls were at there lowest point!!!!!  

Ngonye Falls

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! What a surprising site, totally unexpected and worth the time getting here!!  

Liuwa Plains

This park didn’t have the number of animals but it packed way above its weight in terms of birds and scenery!!! We will definitely return and hope to see the massive conservation effects having a positive effect on the park. One to look into in the future!!!  

Northern Kafue

Northern Kafue….amazing. We landed up partying with one of the lodges as they were packing up to leave as they were closing for the summer….however we lost the Garmin as I was thrown in the pool and I swear my sunnies were in there too!!! Otherwise it was extremely beautiful but game wise…..the park was […]

Southern Kafue

We enjoyed great bush camping in Southern Kafue…..and a nice lake but that was as far as it went.