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Jordan….Finally I get to join the adventure

I met Mike at Jordan International Airport on the evening of the 6 March. He looked like he had been dragged through a bush backwards – Saudi does that to you apparently 🙂 I delayed the journey by one day as I left the laptop behind….. but I knew that Marco and Delphine (Pippa’s new […]

Saudi…..the journey


What a relief to be through Saudi and in actual fact after all the hype it wasn’t to bad. After realizing on Wednesday morning that I didn’t have any Garmin maps for my route, there was a mild panic but alas we had old school paper maps. Off I headed, sad to leave Dubai and […]


Saudi Arabia

  Saudi, Saudi, Saudi………………. I won’t forget a quote from the Saudi King in 1930 –  “My Kingdom will survive only insofar as it remains a country difficult to access, where the foreigner will have no other aim, with his task fulfilled, but to get out.” — King Abdul Aziz bin Saud, c. 1930 Need […]